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Creating A Product Review Video Is Suppose To Easy But...

Isn't it frustrating knowing that there is loads of money to be made in affiliate marketing but somehow the big pay days in commissions are eluding you?

You spend lots of time doing research to try uncover the "best" products in the market to promote. Once you discover this, you then try to figure out the best way to promote this product to your subscribers.

Almost all marketers are using videos figure out and so video marketing it is. For most marketers, this is when you run into a "brick wall".

Creating high quality videos is no walk in the park. I know how frustrating it can be to make video reviews.

First you have to decide what you want to say in the video. Then determine if you are "videogenic" enough to appear in front of the camera...and even if you think that you are, what about your voice? Your expression?

Just by thinking about it makes some shudder with wet sweaty palms....and that is just the start.

Next comes the technical challenges.

  • "What video software should I use?"
  • "Why are video softwares so expensive?"
  • "Should I use a camera...what is the best type of camera?"
  • "The camera on my mobile phone, is that good enough?"

And spending hours or even DAYS trying to get all of these done does not guarantee that the videos will convert or not... Then you say


I Don't Have Time For All This. I Will Just Outsource It All...

Then you discover that the outsourcing fee can cost a big hole in your pocket.  Not only that, finding a good, reliable outsourcer to do EXACTLY what you want is another challenge.

OVERWHELMING is the word to describe all these ...."This is just too much work!!"

So, what do you do?

You know that affiliate marketing is one of the key entries for most people who wants to make money online. If you are not doing it, then you are basically just not going to get your online business off the ground.

That is why today, I am offering to assist you Build An Affiliate Marketers' EMPIRE of your own.

With this solution, you don't have to deal with these any more:

  • Doing research for the "Best" products to promote
  • Expensive video making software
  • Technical difficulties of getting one video completed
  • Time consuming tasks
  • Expensive outsourcing cost
  • The FRUSTRATION that comes with all of the above!!

I want to help as many people as possible to build profitable long-term online businesses.

In order to do that, I want to help you remove the time consuming and often frustrating part of affiliate marketing, so that you can have reap the profits without lifting a finger.

That is why I have prepared a very special AFFILIATE MARKETERS' PACKAGE just for you.

No more doing all the work by yourself. Just get it set up in minutes and let the profits pour in.


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  • 10 DFY Product Review Packs

    You are getting 10 Ready-To-Go IM product review packs that you can deploy and make commissions immediately. No more hassle creating your own.

  • High Quality Product Review Videos

    No more technical frustration. These 10 videos promotes the best selling products in JV Zoo. Made for conversion.

  • High Converting Product Review (Text Format)

    Simply insert these high quality write-ups into your blog postings to build your product review empire.

  • Engaging Follow-up Presell Emails

    Simply copy & paste these 40 pre-written follow-up emails and watch your commission pour in.

Here Are The 10 Commission Pulling Product Reviews You Are Getting...

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In Less Than 20 Minutes From Now...

You Can Have Your Affiliate Product Review Up & Running!

Setting up each of these product reviews is easy peasy.  No technical knowledge required.  In fact, everything can be done with these SIMPLE STEPS

  • Pick one of the 10 Done-For-You Product Review Products
  • Sign in to JV Zoo to obtain your own affiliate link for the product
  • Upload the video either on your own review site or video sharing sites such as YouTube
  • If you prefer, use the text format of the review on your site
  • Plug in the follow-up email sequence into your autoresponder
  • Make sure to insert your affiliate link.....DONE

Once set up, you will finally have a commission generating machine that pumps money into your account on complete autopilot.

Just imagine...within 20 minutes you would have set up everything that would allow you to earn commissions without having to struggle learning skills that don't make you any money or dealing with expensive and often unreliable freelancers.

Spend your days doing what you want with family and/or friends. Go on a vacation,  go watch a movie or just laze around.

Well, try doing all of these by yourself...and you will be looking at days just to complete one product review video with the engaging emails

Outsourcing is a possibility but that will set you back a couple of hundred dollars out of your hard earned money.

Why not do better things with your precious time and money?

That's why people are willing to pay $250 to have each product review video and emails set up...and that is for only 1 product.

The entire Instant Affiliate Profits package is worth $2500.

No worries, though...because I won't charge you this much.

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